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Adrian C. Rigby
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The artist uses gouache, acrylic or oils as a medium, all of these products are used by many professionals and have their preferences both by artists and collectors. Adrian uses all three mediums according to gallery preference.

Paintings and prints should not be placed in strong light or direct sunlight in order to preserve their longevity. Don't forget to have your valuable artwork listed with your insurance company.

Pictures of the paintings are scanned into this web site at 75DPI for faster loading. This will not have any effect on the picture shown on your monitor. You will however not be able to print out quality copy, as printers require a higher resolution.

Frames tend to be very regional in their scope, ie: darker frames up north or lighter down south and of course the ubiquitous gold frame which also varies in taste.

Sizes given are image sizes, (area covered by the painting itself).

Prices exclude shipping and applicable sales tax.