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Adrian C. Rigby
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Titanic Art

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Titanic Art
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Titanic Artist


The resurging popularity of the Titanic has inspired Adrian Rigby to create another fabulous set of Titanic paintings depicting the ill-fated ship. The technical requirements needed to render these fine works of Titanic art challenged the Titanic artist to his limits, and yet, he produced another home run collection of remarkable Titanic artwork that stirs the emotions. Known originally as one of the great wildlife artists of Great Britain, Rigby has pushed his talent to new heights with this Titanic artwork, he is also now known as the "Titanic Artist".

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this is the <i>Titanic Painting for sale</i> final farewell
Final Farewell
Titanic Painting For Sale 20x30 Oils
this is <i>Titanic Art for sale</i> magnificent ship of dreams
The Magnificent Ship of Dreams
Titanic Painting For Sale 20x30 Oils
this is a <i>Titanic Painting for sale</i> day of destiny
Day of Destiny
Titanic Painting For Sale 18x24 Oils

Titanic painting not yet finished

Below this line referred to activity in the late nineties. Above this line refers to current 2012 information. The original Titanic paintings were phenomenally successful so Adrian and his management team decided to reprise the Titanic with a newer rendering. The original Titanic paintings were small and done in Gouache, a type of watercolor medium. The newer Titanic paintings above are much larger and are all done in oils. In addition to the change of medium there are slight differences in portrayal and the titles. Any interest in purchasing the Titanic paintings above or licensing the images of Titanic art please use the contact page immediately.

Thank You
Titanic Artist
Adrian Rigby

this is an image of the wildly popular, The Last Sunset by<i>Titanic Artist Adrian Rigby</i>
Last Sunset

Open Edition Prints 13"x26" over 5,000 sold
At the spring show, it was announced over 8,000 now sold
Amazing, now over 9,500 sold, phenomenal it just keeps on sailing... now over 30,000 prints sold

Occasionally Adrian Rigby Titanic art prints appear on Ebay, All the original prints from the publishers of The Last Sunset immediately above and the four below have all been sold
A special limited run portfolio of the four below is available for SOLD OUT


this is a <i>Titanic Painting</i> date with destiny
Date With Destiny
this is  <i>Titanic Artwork</i> The Ship of Dreams
Ship of Dreams
this is an image of a  <i>Titanic Painting</i> Stretching her legs
Stretching Her Legs
this is <i>Titanic Art</i> The Last Farewell
Last Farewell